Mural Presentation

As a part of a new series with local educators, my school hosted a knowledge-sharing workshop, with my presentation as the keynote speaker on "Murals & Community" about how murals can help positively impact communities around the world. 

The other speakers discussed Ancient Murals found in caves in China, as well as Calligraphy and other traditional Chinese Arts. 

It was a fully collaborative effort between the Chengdu Educational Bureau, CHLPS, with support from the New Zealand Consulate, the A4 Art Museum, and local schools. 

The goal, before the pandemic took off, was to organize a community wide mural project in the Fall, and another one within the school. 

I tested the waters earlier in the year with designing a "collaborative mural" project on paper for the students to create on a small scale, and to start learning about what murals are and why we make them. 

All in all, it was a great experience. I learned a lot, and enjoyed the sharing exchange with both my international and my Chinese colleagues. The Art Team at CHLPS, especially, stepped up to help make the event a success. 

Below are some photos from the event. 


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