Ideas come first, Boundaries Beyond the Classroom, and Art Is Everywhere

I focus on social and emotional learning, through hands on projects and interactive problem solving. I strive to create lessons that engage problem solving and Growth Mindset in my students, and to create a community of co learning in the classroom. Using classroom management methods from Responsive Classroom, I maintain a dynamic, engaging, and dare I say, fun, classroom learning environment.

In addition, I teach collaborative projects that require teamwork and communication skill building.

I strongly believe that the environment influences learning, and I design my classroom to allow myriad experience: movement, inspiring sound, space to build, as well as quiet spaces for my students to rest and recharge. The use of visual provocations on the walls, and ample space for student work throughout the school allows students to connect to art making within a greater community, as well as to feel ownership and pride over their own work. I send home Notes from the Art Studio to connect the practice in the classroom with students’ families for each lesson.

My students are Artists and Creators, and are constantly evolving and changing.  As we learn together, I work tirelessly to refine my practice to best suit my student Artists' creative process. Learning itself is a lifelong co creative process; I view my role as that of providing space for students to connect to their own passion and connection to the visual world, and to set the tone to support Studio Habits for that lifelong creative process. 

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